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Crew Commander Kit


4th Year Student Project


Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) Regiment 

Creation Date

Fall 2020


Ivy Keiser, Stephanie Rossi 


This project revolved around the design of a product to hold, store, and organize an armored vehicle Crew Commander’s kit and equipment. The Design needed to allow for customizable storage and organization components while facilitating easy access to them. Due to the nature of work within the Lord Strathcona’s Horse Regiment, the product needed to be built with durability and protection against the elements in mind. Furthermore, be small enough in size to hit through vehicle hatches while still being able to provide its necessary objective of organization. 

502 Bag Closed.95.png
502 Bag Closed.94.png


How might we organize the equipment used to crew command in a durable way while providing easy action to important items .


The Quad Bag providing multi- direction access to equipment storage. Utilizing various technologies and research to provide durability in all elements and forwarding the modern military aesthetic.


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