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New Edmonton Shop Location Mural 




Prairie Record Cannabis 

Creation Date

Fall 2020


Isabelle Lussier, Ivy Keiser


This project revolved around the design of a product to hold, store, and organize an armored vehicle Crew Commander’s kit and equipment. The Design needed to allow for customizable storage and organization components while facilitating easy access to them. Due to the nature of work within the Lord Strathcona’s Horse Regiment, the product needed to be built with durability and protection against the elements in mind. Furthermore, be small enough in size to hit through vehicle hatches while still being able to provide its necessary objective of organization. 

Client Brief

Initial Proposal 


After Prairie Records had selected an initial concept we begun ideation and rendering to tweak our design to fit perfectly on the wall and complement the store interior. 

Final Sketch 

Final Rendering.jpg

Progress Shots

Final Prototype 

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