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About me


My name is Abigail Hoover. I am currently an MA/MSc Global Innovation Design student at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. My research current looks at the applications and understanding of outer space based technology/research in forwarding social and environmental development on Earth through human-centered design

Apart from my studies, I am a deputy project manager for AlbertaSat, an undergraduate group at the University of Alberta which designs, builds and launches satellites into Low Earth orbit. In 2017 we launched Alberta's first satellite Ex-Alta 1 and will be launching the Northern SPIRIT Constellation comprising of AuroraSat, YukonSat, and Ex-Alta 2 in winter of 2022. 

I am also apart of the 2022-24 World Design Organizations Young Designer Circle. An international group of 15 multi-media young designers dedicated to facilitating and creating tangible action to sustainable policies and the UN SDGs through global collaboration and local action.

Although who I am as a designer is constantly evolving, my current passions are heavily tied to environmental and social sustainability.  

I believe being a designer provides the opportunity to explore the unknown. In many ways being ‘future thinkers’ enables us to seek new ways of thinking and perspectives that can create tangible impact to large scale challenges. Because of this, responsible design not only seeks new solutions but are also desirable, aspirational, sustainable, and delightful.  

Forwarding these goals often requires a collaboration of transdisciplinary minds. By combining art, science, technology, education, engineering, and more enables all backgrounds to learn about other epistemologies triggering creative curiosity and breakthrough thinking. 

To learn more about my work, student groups and education, checkout check out some links below or feel free to get in contact, I'm always open to chat!

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