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Design Sprint 

Design Brief 

A 2-week design sprint bringing together 71 space industry experts, researchers, and designers to tackle large scale problems on Earth. I was placed on the team targeting global education in the form of an orbital university. Throughout the project we asked what is learning and saw the benefits of transdisciplinary collaboration regardless of location or border. 

Design Outcome 

The global initiative stood as an example of the benefits to transdisciplinary co-design. Throughout the project our team worked collaboratively to dissolve pre-conceived bias’s and explore diverse/ complex facets of global education. Although the projects solution was generated in the span of 2 weeks, a base of research was created that could feed into other or following missions.

World Design Organization Report

ISSET Space Exploration Symposium 2021

Title: Human Centered Design in Space a global collaboration between the World Design Organization and International Space Station

Speaker: Abigail Hoover


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