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Northern SPIRIT

Pt. 1 Research 

Design Brief 

Funded through the Canadian Space Agency’s Canadian CubeSat Project, the Northern SPIRIT consortium is dedicated to the design, build, test and launch of 3 CubeSat Satellites. Their study will focus on Canadian forest fires and forwarding Canadian Indigenous Northern Arts, Voices, and History. The consortium consists of 3 institutions: The University of Alberta (UofA), AlbertaSat; Yukon University (YU); and Aurora College (AC). 

AlbertaSat Website

Design Outcome 

Currently I am a project manager for the AlbertaSat, the undergraduate group responsible for designing and manufacturing all 3 satellite structures, the Forest Fire Imager: Iris, and the Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer (DFGM). The group consists of over 80 members ranging from undergrad to masters and includes disciplines such as engineering, science, education, business, and Arts/Design. 

Small Satellite Conference- Utah State University, Logan, UT

Title: Northern SPIRIT Consortium- Canadian Collaboration through Student-led Satellite Constellation 

Authors: Abigail Hoover [1], Thomas Ganley [1], Charles Nokes [1],  Katelyn Ball [1], Joshua Lazaruk [1], Callie Lissinna [1],  Michael Lipsett [1], Ian R. Mann [1], Steven Knudsen [1], Duncan Elliott [1], Patrick Gall [2], Matthew Dares [2], Francis Reid [3], Brian Horton [3]

Institutions: [1] University of Alberta, [2] Aurora College, [3] Yukon University 


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