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Human Centered Design Parameters in Aerospace- A Cultural Case Study 

Design Brief 

This 6 month study focused on the investigation and analysis of design parameters considered aerospace experts in determining current space products, services, and/or systems. It's purpose was dedicated to identifying emerging trends and advancements in design methodologies that could enhance space experiences; understanding the framework, restraints, and scope of space user design endeavors; gain cultural insights into how various agencies and countries envision this ecosystem changing as technology and policy develop; and isolate how design parameters differ from conventional design considerations for products and services on Earth.

Design Outcome 

The outcome of this study was 'Coserio' is an educational platform dedicated to teaching human-centered designs how to function within the space industry. Dedicated to forming industry partnerships, innovative directions, and tangible impacts that benefit both space industry and space user segments.  Students would be provided tangible industry case work while enabling aerospace industry to learn about transdisciplinary collaboration, trust in human centered design, and co-design philosophies. 

Final Report 

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