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Central Academic Building (CAB)

Pt. 1 Research 

Design Brief 

As a senior year long group project, our team was partnered with the University of Alberta architectural team to analyze and adapt our Campus’ 1st floor Central Academic Building as a result of the impacts associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic. During the project our team looked at students’ connection to campus; it’s impact on our education, community, and well being; alongside the theme of ‘what we were missing by not being in person?’

Design Outcome 

The design intervention primarily consisted of an expansion of the Northwest wall of CAB facing our main outdoor space ‘Quad’. The dramatic change facilitates our main target points of facilitating different levels of social interaction, stronger university pride/community, and create a more productive, conducive place for socializing and studying while emphasizing the beauty of our campus. 

Final Research Report 

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